Tell Me a Big Lie

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to hope that the current problem in the US isn’t as big as it appears, but first go to the website and read the new list of “America First” policies.

Then, read the history of the slogan “America First” from its use in 1944 and 2002.

Then, go to the and read their mission. Compare it to the current mission of the

Then, read Trump’s 2000 publication, The America We Deserve, where he makes statements about the Reform Party, saying it was poor company to keep as it contained a neo-Nazi, Pat Buchanan and a Klansman, David Duke. Read how he campaigned for the Reform Party’s nomination that year.

Then, read about how the America First party was established by former members of the Reform Party.

Then, read some quotes about “America First” by Donald Trump. Read some quotes about Donald Trump by members of the “America First Party.”

Then, tell me Donald Trump doesn’t know what he is doing or saying and that the problem isn’t as big as it appears. Read what Donald Trump has said about his “winning DNA.”

And then tell me why Melanija Knavs, a Slovenian from a Roman Catholic family, who converted to Episcopalianism and Germanized her name to Melania Knauss, appears so reluctant to be first lady?

Tell me it makes sense that an immigrant, married to the son of an immigrant from Scotland, and the grandchild of two German immigrants, are the couple leading the country, because it “needs” to re-calibrate its issues from civil rights to tightening immigration policies?

Tell me the country hasn’t just been taken over by exactly who appears to be in control.

Tell me there is a good reason that stock in private prisons surged out of control the night Donald Trump was announced as President-Elect.

Tell me the Nazis weren’t so bad for Germany and that putting the US through a leadership based on the same ideals won’t lead to the same results here and now.

US “American First” Foreign Policy Page January 22, 2017.


I want to hear it from someone I know, because as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal” and I think we’re passing that point right now.

Give me some “alternative facts.” Tell me a “Big Lie,” Mein Kampf.




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