× Warning! So Your Son is a Centaur shares an ISBN with The 3 Indispensable Rules, because author Dr. Pinder Chipps isn't real. Taking Charge Reptilians aren't just real. They're hyper-real.

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"Carrie Bailey is the Julian Assange of the reptilian resistance." - N.A. Poe, Politician
"The twenty-first century's answer to Machiavelli." - Dr. Goetschalckx, Phd. Artificial Intelligence

Reptilian Book

Taking Charge

Enjoy a short, motivational work for anyone wanting to take over the world with a man-eating reptilian mentor. All filetypes and instructions included.

Ranked #1 on Amazon for History & Philosophy in June 2015

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There are few things in life as indispensable as a published interview from the people who control your life. THEM. If you want to know what the reptilians have planned for humanity, this is your opportunity.

In 2013, an anonymous alien overlord gave a world-changing interview to writer Carrie Bailey, which she recorded and released to the public through Peevish Penman Press. After its overwhelming success as a best seller on Amazon, The 3 Indispensible Rules for Taking Charge gained internet recognition as a leading resource for the reptilian resistance.

The Seven Poverties of Entitlement, written in 2016, expanded upon this unique body of knowledge and theory.

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Reptilian Book

Seven Poverties


Ranked #3 on Amazon for Management and Leadership in September 2016

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Select Interview: The Panic Hour Radio with N.A. Poe et al. concerning the future of the publishing industry. Liberty defended and a terrible blow struck against the reptilians, which lasted a monumental 0.08 seconds.