The Ishim Underground

Post apocalyptic | Genetic engineering | Colonists | Adventure

Debut Novel from Carrie Bailey -- 100,000 words

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In 500 years, two cultures occupy one island. The Aucklanders and their organized guard have metal, but the nomads can survive among the giant genetically engineered megafauna that roam the waste. Whoever controls the garbage mines and the last living artificial intelligence, will dominate. And the coffee that makes people immortal? Probably legend.

The Ishim Underground chronicles the activities of an extremely organized young scribe and the catacylsmic mistake that helps him find and lose his first job as a latrine digger in distant village. And his contract doesn't allow him to go home for until his two years are served. Can he survive meeting highway men, giant cats and old women while cast out on the roads? All Eron needs is a safe place to hide.

Looking forward to the further adventures of Eron and his band of cohorts. Keep writing Ms.Bailey. - Les

It immediately filled me with ideas for my own novels and that is what a great author does - Anon

The characters are well rounded and the relationships are convincing and expertly thought out. I strongly recommend reading The Ishim Underground and look forward to Carrie Bailey's future compositions. - Don

Keeps you engrosed to the end. I liked the way the post-apocalypse people have a simplified, and often wildly wrong, view of the 'moderns.' - Luigi

The Immortal Coffee Novels

Ordinary people overcome incredible personal defects and defy innumerable tyrants to survive post-apocalyptic New Zealand. After the modern era ends and the sea levels settle, the island was re-colonized by drifters and genetically engineered megafauna. A few centuries later, a nomadic culture perilously circles one ambitious city-state while a single self-repairing artificial intelligence with corrupt memory files helps sort garbage in the seven level underground archive of forgotten technologies.