The Immortal Coffee Series was inspired by A Canticle for Lebowitz, Cadfael, Red Dwarf, Futurama, The Whipping Boy, Sir Terry Pratchett, Final Fantasy, Zelda and a whole lot of coffee.”

- Jan 2016

Carrie has been using her research skills to collect information on pandemics, the North American megafauna extinction, ancient warfare and Mesopotamian mythology long before she realized she could write stories with it. As an information professional or librarian, she has worked with books since she was fifteen in public, private, academic and special libraries. She even drove a bookmobile.

Although there is no time travel in her series, the Immortal Coffee Novels mimic the intellectual world of the dark ages where remnant technologies could not be distinguished from cosmic intervention. In Auckland, 500 years in the future, distinct and complex cultures fight for control of resources isolated on what had been New Zealand. Her interest in the intellectual history, the history of philosophy in different cultures, shows in her work and research.

Her personal mission as an independent writer is to create science fiction that questions common assumptions, raises awareness of invisible disabilities and collaborates with other writers and artists to engage a community of readers and creative talent. She firmly supports all independent arts and regularly blogs on the topic for people interested in publishing their own work.

A Pox on Ponsonby, her second science fiction book in the Immortal Coffee series, is undergoing revision and scheduled for publication this spring. A third novel, Jacob and the Search for More Coffee, will be organized and delivered from as a gamebook or choose your own adventure style publication with contributions from other science fiction writers.

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