I'm interested in philosophical possibilities of post apocalyptic cultures. Oppression. Lawlessness. Cults. Nomads. Slavery. I incorporate elements of early mythology realized through genetic engineering. And what happens when artificial intelligence is an endangered species. And drinking coffee can transform a person into an ishim"

- May 2014

From Peevish Penman to Immortal Coffee Novels

Carrie Bailey has been developing the series based on the apocalyptic themed games she played growing up on the Oregon Coast since 2009. The genetically engineered megafauna in her series have been described as reminiscent of a child’s view of farm animals.

As the product of many generations of American cowboys and Pembina Band Plains Indians, she deliberately fuses philosophical themes of colonization to her post apocalyptic books with no electricity, but evidence of genetic modification and a solitary surviving artificial intelligence android. With dry humor, she ambitiously leaves the reader to draw his or her own conclusions about post apocalyptic survival, epidemic diseases and what makes dystopian fiction a battleground for ideas.

Carrie was a teenager when she had her son and lost his father in an auto accident. She grew up quickly and despite the circumstances, found consistency working at local libraries, reading and drinking coffee. Obsessively. Drinking. Coffee.

She has earned two degrees having began studying philosophy by correspondence from the closest university at fourteen, which she paid for with three part time jobs. And though she developed Meniere's disease, which affected her balance and hearing later on, she traveled, worked in libraries and completed her Masters in Information Studies in New Zealand in 2013.

She claims no religious or political affiliations though adamantly maintaining a minimalist lifestyle and romanticizing anarchy as system of government.